The Brand

« Valorising on land the resources from the sea  »

A founder, a vision

With over 30 years of expertise in the agricultural production field and an established network of professionals in the marine environment, Jean-François JACOB created WEALSEA in 2018. His strategic and economic ambition aims to master a qualitative and a quantitative marine resources production. Passionate about his territory, he creates a real “land-sea sector” organized around a coherent and local strategic pole. Visionary, he places WEALSEA’s development in the long term by laying down the fundamentals of new marine resources production practices.

From Bezhin Breizh to WEALSEA

WEALSEA is the trademark of the Bezhin Breizh project. Bezhin Breizh represents the synergy of the three production sites:  La Meloine breeding ponds, Roscoff breeding ponds and the CREACH ANTON greenhouse site, coordinated with Algolesko. Seafood (fishes, shellfish, crustaceans) and seaweeds from these production sites are marketed under the name WEALSEA locally, nationally and internationally. 

Two ranges form the brand : 

Innovate and produce differently

In collaboration with specialized consulting engineers and fundamental research, WEALSEA is developing new production tools. The objective is to produce differently to limit the overexploitation of marine resources in the natural environment. Innovative integrated greenhouse production has been developed to meet industrial demand for traceability, quality and quantity. The production of seaweeds strains, selected in partnership with fundamental research (CNRS, Biological Station of Roscoff) and applied research (R&D, breeding, hatchery at Roscoff breeding ponds), enables the production of a bio-oriented marine resource, enriched with active molecules, in the greenhouses (on the Creac’h Anton site).

Multi-sector applications

In order to meet the national and international demand, WEALSEA’s objective is to market seaweeds for high added value fields.

Pharmaceutical sector : macroalgae are made up of numerous low molecular weight molecules with various medical and pharmaceutical applications. Like Ulva lactuca with proven immunomodulator, antidiabetic and neuroprotective properties.

Nutrition – health sector : seaweeds represents a quarter of sales of dietary supplements, a market that is constantly growing. Macroalgae have the advantage of being rich in proteins, minerals, and low in lipids, hence the advantage of incorporating them as a slimming supplement with multiple health benefit (antioxidant, vitamins, nutritional value etc…)

Cosmetic sector : the seaweeds natural benefits are already integrated into the cosmetic sector thanks to interesting properties such as : anti-aging and UV protective properties. Many applications remain to be explored in the coming years.

Food-processing sector : WEALSEA acts to offer alternative proteins, substitutes for animal proteins. Other better known properties of macroalgae in this field are : gelling agents, natural colorant, biopackaging, thickeners and stabilizers.

Food sector : fibers, minerals, proteins, vitamins, lipids : each seaweed has its own nutritional advantages. By enriching the biochemical composition of seaweeds, Wealsea does multiply the possibility of applications in this field.

Innovation : packaging, bioplastics, textiles, bio-based paints, 3D printing … Across the globe, companies and engineers are looking at this unique resource and declining its properties to infinity.

A sustainable model

At land, WEALSEA’s greenhouse technology operates using a recirculated seawater system, without emission into the natural environment. At sea, ALGOLESKO sows and cultivates on lines to avoid the impoverishment of the natural resource.

0 emission into seawater

0 phytosanitary product

100% recycled seawater

Seaweeds absorb the CO2 generated on the planet to develop themselves. WEALSEA’s algae fields and greenhouses are CO2 sinks, hence acting to limit global warming. Our ambition being ultimately to transform CO2 molecules into health molecules.